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Cyprus Tourism – Heaven may be the Limit

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Cyprus tourism, all accounts, appears to become heading within the wrong direction. Not really a week passes which i don’t read articles about how exactly tourism is within desperate condition. There’s always a minumum of one crazy idea about how this crisis could be reversed. I only say crazy since i often hear many really silly methods to this supposed “problem”. Also, very few authority figures who’re able to assist repair the problem, like the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO), compares to the actual reasons for the reasons tourist are departing our beautiful island feeling disappointed and fooled once they must have and may have time of the lives here!

The Cyprus governmental statistics reveal that tourism has really arrived at a plateau instead of plummeted as numerous are suggesting. Through November of the year Cyprus is really on componen with last year’s figures. Within the brief time which i have resided in Cyprus I’ve been entertained using the following methods to fix the “tourism problem”. One way to enhance tourism would begin with renaming the 2 airports from Larnaca and Paphos to Zeus and Aphrodite. The purpose of that might be what? To portray the look that vacationers are creating any fantasy, mythical Greek island? Based on a Cyprus Mail article dated 19 October, 2004 Larnaca airport terminal was voted ‘most disappointing’ inside a global survey of 25,000 British holidaymakers, a situation that isn’t prone to improve not less than 5 years once the island’s new worldwide airport terminal is made. Hopefully, the brand new airport terminal will portray a much better image compared to current airport terminal because coming in a slightly improved airport terminal with a brand new name just will not work!

Cyprus also certainly needs more diversity to be able to attract vacationers with varied interests, earnings levels and want. Possibly the caliber of vacationers has declined and that’s why locals are complaining. Most of the vacationers we all do get are searching for additional of the bargain so “five star resorts” and priced restaurants suffer. Cyprus is really a lot more costly than many vacationers would expect and every year it’s getting a lot more costly. If your tourist returns for any second holiday three years after his first he’d be shocked because when the costs have elevated. We can not ignore the smaller sized spenders though once we need everybody to return over and over. Personally, i never visited a location where both high minimizing earnings segments weren’t focused on.

A current article about tourism I just read within the Cyprus Weekly writes that flights are extremely costly because we’re to date from Europe after which in the finish of this article it quotes the CTO’s chief speaking concerning the north that states “It’s a new competitor and we must find methods to stop vacationers from visiting the occupied areas.” I believe we have to possess the alternative spin onto it which is how you can find methods for getting vacationers here, have them here and them returning and also to tell buddies to go to.

Another recent article discusses the retaking from the Polis campsite in the Cyprus Tourism Organization simply because they threw in the towel. The mayor of Polis clearly sees the CTO’s refusal to keep going it and states it’s a “negative move with respect to the CTO to abandon the forex market.Inch I might nominate the mayor of Polis to operate the CTO. He states concerning the Polis camp site: “We all know how popular the website is so we could not ignore it following the CTO made the decision it did not wish to run it any longer ….. We intend to put proper roads and pathways into position… enhance the toilets… make certain the roads and pathways are fixed to begin people not receiving stuck in dirt and potholes.” Also, he intends to use existing water to produce a lake with fish and ducks.

The answer is based on making the alterations and understanding that change is essential for today and also the future. Adjust, keep modifying rather than stop since the competition will invariably change. What exactly changes do we have to make? What exactly are we missing? In my opinion surveys provided to the vacationers upon arrival asking a few of the following questions: Why have you come here? What made you select Cyprus like a holiday destination? What’s your earnings level and academic level? After which on departure: How was your stay? What can allow it to be better? Can you return? These kinds of surveys will let’s find out about our market in addition to catering precisely for the potential market.

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