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How to Condition Your Mind Before Going for Any Spiritual Retreat

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Spiritual retreat is very powerful tool that can help us to build our faith and bring us very close to God. If you read bible then you can find many examples where people have completely withdrawn themselves from the world and came close to God. Even Lord Jesus himself went to a desert for 40 days after he was baptized by John the Baptist.

Before going for a spiritual retreat, you need to refocus your mind, which can be done at any quiet place of your choice. All that you need to do is keep yourself away from your day to day routine work so that your mind may not get distracted. Many people prefer to go for vacation to some distant places for spiritual retreat.

Here are few ways that can help you to condition your mind for any spiritual retreat.

  • As mentioned above, choose any quiet location where you comfortable and at peace. There should be minimum distraction from phone calls, television programs or any urgent activities.
  • Do not prepare any schedule during the time you are preparing for your spiritual retreat. By remaining away from any urgent schedule, you are taking your mind off from your normal environment. We will not achieve much from our retreat if we maintain our tension of our usual day to day life.
  • Take your close friend or spouse during your retreat. That is because sometimes God may speak to you through people around you whom you trust the most. Not only scripture will speak the God’s words, but sharing your ideas with someone very close to you can also reveal God’s message to you.
  • Spend your time in praying God and reading various religious scriptures. Read familiar words from Psalms or gospel. Read some portion of bible that you never read before and you may end up receiving some message from God.

  • Keep a notebook and note whatever new thoughts that comes to your mind and any new message that you have received from God. These notes can be useful later when your mind again gets disturbed due to any reason. You may also highlight with different colors on some important feelings.
  • Make some definite goals that you want to achieve during the period of your spiritual retreat. It may be for your personal health, relationships or any other thing that is affecting your life.
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