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Places To Look Out For In Chandigarh

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Known for its urban and modern setting, Chandigarh is a great place to be in. And if you’re reading this then you definitely want to know about the top hip places to check out in Chandigarh. So let’s get to it!

Rock Garden

Designed using waste products of everyday life, this place is a must-see of Chandigarh. The magnificently crafted works and the settings of the architecture of the Rock Garden is just simply amazing. Located in the area of Sector 1, getting there is no trouble and with the help of internet it just gets better, you can easily get a sports bike on rent in Chandigarh if you’re inclined on roaming with style, if not however, there are tons of standard bikes available for cheap rates at Wheelstreet.com.


Lake Sukhna is a man-made lake, and a job well done at that. The ambience and serenity that this place provides is really cool, and people that are so inclined should totally give this place a visit. Also hosting a small island that you can reach by boat, this is one of the coolest places in the city of Chandigarh.

Leisure Valley & Rose Garden

An 8 km big park filled with an amazing scenery of flowers and well-sculpted gardens, what’s not to love about this place. For those infatuated by flora and natural beauty this is the perfect spot in the city of Chandigarh to hang out at. The Leisure Valley and Rose Garden is also the largest rose garden in all of Asia, which is pretty awesome.

Cactus Garden

Encasing about 7 acres in area, this spiked up garden is all sorts of cool. The Cactus Garden really opens your mind as to the many varieties of cactus that there are in the world today. This awesome garden showcases about 3500 species of cacti in all their stages. This is one must-see place for botanists and flora enthusiasts. And if you are none of them, it still counts as an exciting place to check out in Chandigarh as it is definitely worth your time.

International Dolls Museum

An amazing place for kids, a semi-creepy place for adults. But young or big, we know you’re going to marvel at the amount of various dolls this place has. And not only dolls from India, but from 25 different countries all across the world. This alone makes this place a must-see if you’re visiting Chandigarh. They house a working toy train section that is a fantastic sight for any kid and elder.

Also, if you wish to do a road trip from Chandigarh to Srinagar you can rent a bike online from Wheelstreet.com and make your trip easier, as this place is definitely worth checking out.

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